Free Dowload droid4x offline installer For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7/xp And Mac OS

Droid4x Offline Installer: Hi guys, welcome to a very helpful tutorial about how to download Droid4x Offlline Installer for pc and how to install it.  Droid4x is an Android Emulator which is a very helpful software for winodws and mac users. With Droid4x Android Emulator you can play any Android game and can use any Android application on your personal computer.

In this article i will explain you  each and every step you have to do to download and install the Droid4x Offline Installer on your pc. Before going to install the emulator, check the features of Droid4x Emulator

Main Features Of Droid4x Offline Installer:

  • Droid4x is latest Android Emulator which has come up with all the best features.
  • Droid4x allows users to play with keyboard and the user can configure the keyboard options.
  • You can use a joystick to play Android games on your computer.
  •  You can control the Emulator through your Android/iOS Mobile device.
  • We can record/take a picture of the screen and can share that file to your social networking websites.

Droid4x is a latest Android emulator just released 5 months back and it is increasing it’s user’s day by day. I am sure that it will surely become one of the top Android Emulators very soon.

Difference Between Droid4x Online Installer And Droid4x Offline Installer:

Droid4x Online Installer: You can download the software from the official site directly but that file is not a complete set up file. From official website you can just download a 8.32mb set up file, when you run that file you need to download extra features a size of above 200mb files from online. For this process you need a very good internet connection and if in case the connection is broke during the downloading process then you need to run the file again to install the software.

If you have a weak internet connection then the above process will definitely irritate you so, follow the below Offline Install process to install the software without getting any errors.

Droid4x Offline Installer:  In this process we download the full setup file to our computer and then we start the installation process. When you have a complete setup file, you do not face any errors when installing the software. So, follow the below steps to install the software using Droid4x Offline Installer.  and Nox App Player are an alternative emulators of Droid4x Andorid Emulator.

Download Droid4x Offline Installer For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7/xp Laptops, Mac:

  • First of all download the Droid4x offline Installer from the below link.

Droid4x o.8.2 Download Droid4x Offline Installer

Download Droid4x 0.8.1 Offline Installer


  • Download the 23oMB complete setup file to you computer.

droid4x offline installer setup file

  • Now click on the downloaded file to start installation process. Just go on clicking Next to finish the installation of the software.


droid4x offlline instaler step 2

droid4x offline installer step 3

droid4x offline installer finish


  • Just follow the above images to complete the installation.
  • After clicking on the finish option, Droid4x Android Emulator will open in your winodws 10/8.1/8/7/xp computer.

droid4x offline installer home page

That is all you have to do guys to Download and install Droid4x Offline Installer in your windows computer. Now enjoy playing all the android games and use all the useful android apps on your windows and mac computer.

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  1. Vishal says

    can u plz tell me that can I run this without any Internet connection?

    • Yes Vishal, you don’t need any internet connection to install it. But, if you want to use apps like whatsapp, we chat, kik etc, you must have internet connection.

    • Naufal A.Maulana says

      can you show me where i can download that app ?i am very confused

  2. Asep Sayyad says

    Can I install apps from my computer?

    Can I modify sd card?

    • Hello sayyad, yes you can install apps from your computer and you can use them on your computer.

  3. HarooNBasiL says


  4. Asep Sayyad says

    What is the Requirement in PC?
    I can’t Install it in my PC

    I have dual core processor
    2GB ram
    256 mb inbuilt graphics memory

    • Sabin says

      only 256 mb of graphics memory is not enough. So install good graphics card

    • Samuel says

      No needoubt of graphics card

  5. sandeep says

    problem in downloading,check it and update

    • hello Sandeep, it’s working fine buddy. Check Once from your side.

      Thank You.

  6. jatin thakur says

    is it needs .net framework 3.5 or can be run on .net framework 4.5?

  7. yusuff waheed says

    I Just downloaded droid4x offline installer, but i discovered its not working with my internet connection.I am Using a usb universal modem to browse and its browsing fine with good speed.Please what do i need to do to make droid4x work with my connection???

  8. MARVE says


    • Hello Marve, this problem will occur because of out dated graphic card. You just need to upgrade your graphic card to use droid4x on your pc.

  9. Asad says

    can i install apps which were downloaded from my android smartphone?

  10. Udit says

    it has been stopped after 80%

  11. ass says

    Where is MAC VERSION????????

  12. maxamed says


  13. vatsal says

    is the installer for 32 bit os?
    plz reply fast

  14. rocky says

    just simple

  15. Rizuki says

    Can i play offline game without any connection?

  16. mubbashir sayeed says

    how to transver it to another computer which is not having internet

  17. nitish says

    thzzzzz is of 32 bit or wt…..rply soon as u cn plzzzzz…………….

    • Nitish Singh says

      Its working for 32 bit and 64 bit both

  18. Ecstasy says

    pls, i need help on where exactly to go so as to update my graphic driver, thanks.

  19. san says

    Can i instal game apk without internet connection?

  20. Monte Jones says

    I tried BlueStacks twice but threw it out, I think for good. From the article above I had hopes that Droid4X would be as the article above describes. I understand that it is Beta software, but, it really is Alpha. A German keyboard is offered but selecting it does nothing. The selection reverts to the UK English keyboard. I had trouble logging on to the Google Play Store because there is no “at” sign available within the EMU from my Windows keyboard. The virtual keyboard is very unstable. These problems should not exist, even in Beta software; Alpha yes. I have a very large screen Android tablet (15 “) that will let me see Android apps satisfactory size screen without the hassle of an EMU. I like to toy with emulators but I think this one will not be ready for “prime time” for a long while. It won’t import my Google Apps. I have to reinstall them on this EMU. Even BlueStacks would do that in its Beta days with a single mouse click. Good luck guys with getting this EMU up and running. I am writing this on a Windows notebook which includes the @ sign properly on my German keyboard.

  21. Ullas says

    Can this app run without intel hd graphics?

  22. Abode says

    i want to play wwe supercard on pc but it did not work

  23. Bishal says

    I have 1 GB RAM in my Pc can i install DROid X in my PC

  24. Hasnain Baig says

    I have updated my graphics drivers.But when I try to open droid4x it still says Graphic drivers outdated, pls update..
    please suggest what to do.

  25. Keshav says

    This app says update your graphic driver.give me instructions or give me link of graphic driver that can run this app as soon as possible.

  26. Rajat soreng says

    Can i download apps from another computer and transfer the files and use the app

  27. Khan says

    I have downloaded and installed droid 4x, but when i open the app, after it starts loading, unfortunately its shuts down, and an error pops up saying dear droid 4x user, your droid 4x crashed plz restart. I have tried re installing but the same error. What to do..?

  28. venkat says

    this is not support on my pc ,i do no why my pc windows8.1

  29. akhil says

    is it a lollipop version

  30. lheztee says

    so just like bluestack??

    • RAZZKUMAR says

      yes mine also same thing

  31. Rähül says

    Is this is the last updated version ?

  32. karan chahal says

    can i play clash of clan on it.

  33. sarat kumar says

    i am getting error like “error writing ti file”

  34. ron says

    yeah thats good…….. for now im playing coc

  35. mohd says

    help me,why when in 99% it error to boot

  36. ankit singh says

    i have downloaded the complete file but when i goto install it an error is shown
    “installer integreity check has failed ,common causes include incomplete download and damaged media .contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy” …
    plzz tell me what to do???

  37. tahsan says

    do not support coc…with this ap;pp .its a fake app i think..

  38. ISO Master says

    why cant i can run coc , i think u dont know how to run lol!

  39. faizan says

    it does not run coc

  40. simranlohat says

    speed slow but working good

  41. ayebe says

    ano, should i update it to the latest version

  42. i have igb ram
    256 nivdia vga

  43. ashik says

    Can i install it in my pc

  44. Ashik says

    I can’t install it in my pc.

  45. kritagya says

    Can I download games from mobile and can send it to droid.

  46. shauqi says

    what is 23omb? how to get it?

  47. shauqi says

    what is 23omb?how to get it?

  48. I run Droid4x
    Windows xp 32-bit
    512MB RAM
    No Graphics Card
    3.0 Ghz

  49. shovaki says

    thanks this apps sir

  50. soniya says

    thank you very much for sharing best tutorial in downloading droid4x with attractive writing skills.
    Looking for more updates.

  51. ejaz says

    ju both ya

  52. bobby says

    can i play games in it offline like subway surfers etc
    if i install it on my pc i will never use to run this application again ?

  53. Nitesh kumar. says


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