Download Fallout Shelter for PC, Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1

Fallout shelter for PC is now available. Fallout Shelter became No #1 app in ios app store within two weeks after it released. Ios fallout shelter earned $5.1 million dollars in the span of two weeks only. It is still in the top list. Many android users are waiting for its release for the android operating system also but the wait is over now. It is now available in Google Play Store.

Here is our guide to Download Fallout Shelter APK file and install it on your android phones. If you want to play Fallout Shelter on a bigger screen, you can now download Fallout shelter for PC and play on your computer. I have been playing Fallout Shelter Game on PC since it released. Believe me, I will be awesome playing this game in the computer. Before going to install Fallout Shelter for Laptop, let me tell you what is it about and how to play this game. Know the Fallout 4 Console Commands For PC

From the name itself you can know that it is about building shelters. This is a standalone game. You need to build a perfect vault and has to keep the dwellers happy. Making some one happy is nothing but saving them from dangers. Yes, you need to keep them safe from the dangers of wasteland. This is the main theme of the game and here I will also tell you some tips to play Fallout Shelter for PC Windows. First I will tell you how to download and install Fallout shelter for PC or Laptop and I will tell the tips after that.

Steps to download Fallout shelter for PC Windows/Mac Laptop:

The app was first released on the iOS operating system only. So, we used iPadian iOS emulator to install Fallout Shelter Game on Computer. But, we came to know that users are getting problems with the iPadian emulator. So, we searched for an alternative as well as a proper working method to install Fallout Shelter Game and we found the best method for you.

Here, we are going to use an android emulator. The latest and best android emulator now is a Droid4x android emulator. This has many enhanced features in it. You can even use your phone as joysticks in Droid4x emulator. Please follow the instructions carefully to download fallout shelter on PC.

Fallout Shelter Game on PC using Droid4x Emulator:

  • After downloading the emulator, install it on your PC or Laptop. This is an online installer file, so you need an internet connection while installing it.
  • Once you installed it properly, you can see a desktop icon in your PC. Double-click the icon to launch it.
  • In the home page, you can see App Store option, click on it. Google Play Store will open.


  • Enter Fallout Shelter in the search bar and press enter button.

fallout shelter game on pc

  • You will see some results. Click on the right one to install.

fallout shelter game on pc 2

  • When you click on Fallout Shelter game, you will see an install button next to the name. Click on it.

fallout shelter game

  • The game file is a bit large file so it may take more than 15 minutes if you have slow internet connection.
  • Once you install Fallout Shelter on Droid4x, you can see it on the home page of Droid4x emulator.
  • Click on the game icon to launch it and enjoy the game.

This is a working method. You will not see any video playing in this method. You can enjoy the game. Fallout Shelter Game tips are also available ate the end of the post. You can read them to understand the game better.

Fallout Shelter Game will surely available in iPadian emulator also. They may give the full version game. Below instructions will help you then.

Install Fallout Shelter Game Using iPadian:

First, download iPadian ios emulator for PC and install it on your computer. We can then play Fallout Shelter for PC.

Download iPadian

Install iPadina after downloading it on your PC from the above link whether it is Windows or Mac because it works fine in both operating systems. Installation is similar like other software. This will be completed within a few minutes.

Once you installed iPadian, we will start installing Fallout Shelter game for PC.

Install Fallout Shelter for PC:

  • Launch iPadian software from the desktop.

download fallout shelter for desktop

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  • Italian will open in a maximized screen and you can see the home page of it as shown in above image.
  • There you can see App Store on the home page and click on it.
  • When you click on it, the app store will be opened in a new window. There you can see some popular apps.

download fallout shelter for laptop

  • Fallout Shelter for PC became quite popular so you can see it on the app store home page itself.

fallout shelter for windows and mac

Click on Free and download Fallout Shelter for PC. Once the download is completed, you can see it on the home page of iPadian. The size of the file is quite large so it may take some time. Therefore, you need to wait until it downloaded completely.You can also download Fallout Shelter For Mac.

fallout shelter for mac and windows

  • Launch Fallout Shelter for PC and enjoy playing the most popular game on big screen.

fallout shelter for Laptop

That is it. As I said I am going to tell you some tips to play Fallout Shelter for PC like a pro. Read the tips below.

Fallout Shelter Plans & Tips to Play Fallout Shelter for PC, Laptop:

Fallout shelter tips and tricks

#1 How to Add Rooms:

When you start playing the game, the first thing you learn from Fallout Shelter will be adding essential rooms that mean absolutely necessary. Here the essential rooms are like Water Treatment room and Power Station room. The main thing is, do not waste the dwellers by adding more and more rooms. If you add more and more rooms, you need more power means you have to assign more dwellers to the power station. So try to avoid wasting dwellers. If you do so you can use them later. When you add an extra power station, you will need to have enough dwellers to assign. Keep it in mind and apply it while playing the game.

#2 keep an eye on Dweller Skills:

Here, you have to drag and drop the dweller to the particular room in order to assign him the job. When you drag the dweller to a room a number will appear on the screen before you drop the dweller in the room. This tells you productivity of that dweller in that particular area. If the screen shows low score its better not adding him there. So you need to find which place is better for that dweller and add him there. This is called strategy. PowerStation is very important here so try to add skillful dwellers in power station that helps you in the game.

#3 Complete the Objects:

Try to complete as many objects as you can. You can find the objects by tapping on the boy in the bottom right screen. If you complete the objective, you will be rewarded. This reward will help you to buy the necessary things when you want to finish something quickly. You can earn some caps if you complete the objectives. Caps are currency in Fallout Shelter for a PC game. You can use those caps in future to make dwellers happy. Of course, some caps will be given to you in the starting of the game to get you started. But those are not enough so try to earn more caps.

#4 Increase Dwellers:

How to increase dwellers? Making babies is the best way to increase the dwellers. You will assign some dwellers to the power station and some to the dining hall etc. But there might some dwellers who are not assigned to any work. You need to shift them to the living quarters. The dwellers make babies for you. You will see some smiley faces on the screen which tells you that someone is pregnant. You can see 1 dweller added to the count after some time. This way you can increase the population and can be used in future works.

These are some Fallout Shelter game tips that I know. You can keep all this in mind and apply while playing the game. These Fallout Shelter Tips will definitely help you.

Enjoy the game Fallout Shelter for PC or Laptop Windows & Mac.

Thank you for reading,

AllTechfeed Team.


  1. Truthbeenspoken says

    This is a LIE! Ipadian is not an emulator you can’t play games just watch videos. And it full with Malwares. Stay away from it!!!

    • Thanks for letting us know about the problem. We are really sorry.We updated the post with an alternative method. So kindly follow that method and you will not get any problems like before.

  2. says

    Very interesting game. Making own shelter, its really awesome )

  3. asdf says

    its a downside that you cant backup the vaults online so to acces it from another phone, when you changed your cell phone, etc.
    you are tied to the specific phone for ever.

    plus, bugs are known and you may lose your game saved, your vault.
    along with any items you purchased with real life money.

    still no fix announced, no backup save mentioned to occur, etc.
    developers are not having a good reaction.

  4. Jan Modsen says

    Om my phone you can save vaults in the cloud… ? There is a checkbox right next to the vault-name in the vault overview placed on the start screen…

  5. Wittylady says

    Although I downloaded Droid4X to my PC, Windows 10 will not allow the program to extract.

    Windows 10 offers no options other than the “Don’t Run” option.

    Your readers need to be aware of that

  6. furious guy vedan says

    why does it close as soon as i try to open it?

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