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Fallout 4 Console Commands: Fallout 4 is a well-known action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios.  As all, we know that Fallout 4 video games are available for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Fallout 4 gameplay is mostly similar to its previous released game Fallout 3 game. We, freaking game lovers always want to know the game cheats and mods. Here, in Fallout 4 the console will help us to do cheats in the Fallout 4. So, Here, in this article, we will provide you the best working Fallout 4 console commands and cheats.

fallout 4 console commands and fallout 4 cheat codes list

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How To Open Fallout 4 Cheats Console? & How To Enter Fallout 4 Console Commands?

The console is the debugging tool in the Windows version of Fallout 4 which helps the users to alter the content while playing the game. English language users can simply press “~ or ` ” to access the console. When you press the console key, the HUD will disappear and u will see a prompt(— |) in the bottom left of the screen. In that prompt, you can enter any commands to cheat the game.

press the tilde key to open the fallout 4 console commands

Fallout 4 Console Commands For PC | Fallout 4 Cheats Codes & Mods For Xbox, PS4:

Now, you know how to open the console. So, now you just need to pick any command from the below-given list and enter in the console. After entering the commands you can close the console and see the command effect in the game. So, let’s get into the commands now :D.

lets us fallout 4 console commands and cheat the game with the fallout 4 mods

tgmGode Mode. It will make you invincible.(infinite health, ammo, AP)
taiToggle all NPC AI on / off. Turns off the artificial intelligence of NPCs, leaving them dumber than gen1 synthetics.
timTurns on immortal mode
tclNo collision means u can walk through walls
tmm 1Marks all locations on the map.
unlockIt will unlock selected door
tfcIt enables free-roaming camera
KillKill selected target
KillAllKill all NPCs in immediate area.
caqsCompletes every quest in the main storyline
coc [cell id]Teleports the player to an area
csbResets blood and damage effects
player.setav speedmult <#>Speed running. Add a big number to become flash.
player.additem [item code] [#] Add an item to your inventory
player.placeatme [object code] Spawn an item or NPC nearby.
player.setlevel [level]Advance to the indicated experience level
setscale <1-10>it will make you big and your target
setenemy <0 or 1>Sets your status as an enemy with a faction
removefromallfactionsRemoves your allied status with all factions in the world.

How To Use The Player.additem Console Code:

  • First, simply open the Fallout 4 console
  • Then enter the code player.additem [item code] [amount]
  • Replace the [item code] with the correct item code from the below list and [amount] with the amount of the item you’d like to go into your inventory.
  • EXAMPLE – player.additem 000731a4 500

Fallout 4 PC General Item Codes:

Item NameFull code
Bottlecapplayer.additem 0000000F
Stimpakplayer.additem 00023736
Rad Awayplayer.additem 00023742
Fusion Coreplayer.additem 00075FE4
Nuka-Cola Quantumplayer.additem 0004835F

Fallout 4 Crafting Item Codes:

Item NameFull code
Acidplayer.additem 001bf72d
Antisepticplayer.additem 001bf72f
Asbestosplayer.additem 000aec5c
Ceramicplayer.additem 000aec5e
Concreteplayer.additem 00106d99
Clothplayer.additem 000aec5f
Adhesiveplayer.additem 001bf72e
Aluminiumplayer.additem 0006907a
Circuitryplayer.additem 0006907b
Copperplayer.additem 0006907c
Corkplayer.additem 000aec60
Crystalplayer.additem 0006907d
Fiber Opticsplayer.additem 00069087
Fiber Glassplayer.additem 000aec61
Gearplayer.additem 0006907e
Glassplayer.additem 00069085
Goldplayer.additem 000aec62
Nuclear Materialplayer.additem 00069086
Oilplayer.additem 001bf732
Plasticplayer.additem 0006907f
Rubberplayer.additem 00106d98
Screwplayer.additem 00069081
Silverplayer.additem 000aec66
Springplayer.additem 00069082
Leatherplayer.additem 000aec64
Leadplayer.additem 000aec63
Woodplayer.additem 000731a3
Steelplayer.additem 000731a4
Crystalplayer.additem 0006907d

Fallout 4 Crops codes:

Item nameFull code
Mutfruitplayer.additem 33102
Carrotplayer.additem F742E
Cornplayer.additem 330F8
Gourdplayer.additem EF24D
Melonplayer.additem FAFEB
Razorgrainplayer.additem E0043
Tatoplayer.additem 9DCC4

Fallout 4 Armor codes:

Item nameFull code
Army Helmetplayer.additem 00023432
Engineer's Armorplayer.additem 000DEDE7
Field Scribe's Armorplayer.additem 000E370E
Bomber Jacketplayer.additem 000E1AF6
Flight Helmetplayer.additem 000E1AF8
BOS Uniformplayer.additem 000DEDEB
BOS Hoodplayer.additem 000E1A39
BOS Officer Uniformplayer.additem 00134294
Combat Armor Left Armplayer.additem 0011D3C7
Combat Armor Right Armplayer.additem 0011D3C6
Combat Armor Helmetplayer.additem 0011E2C8
Combat Armor Left Legplayer.additem 0011D3C5
Combat Armor Right Legplayer.additem 0011D3C4
Combat Armor Chest Pieceplayer.additem 0011D3C3
Gas Mask with Gogglesplayer.additem 001184C1
Hard Hatplayer.additem 000F6D86
Hazmat Suitplayer.additem 000CEAC4
Leather Left Armplayer.additem 0007B9C7
Leather Right Armplayer.additem 0007B9C3
Leather Left Legplayer.additem 0007B9C4
Road Leathersplayer.additem 0004A53B
Metal Left Armplayer.additem 0004B933
Raider Power Left Armplayer.additem 00140C52
Raider Power Right Armplayer.additem 00140C53
Raider Power Helmplayer.additem 00140C54
X-01 Left Armplayer.additem 00154AC3
Railroad Armored Coat Mk Vplayer.additem 001BBCB9
Institute Lab Coatplayer.additem 0011E7B9
Surgical Maskplayer.additem 000787DA

If you want any other Armor codes then just write the item name in the comments. We will post the Item code as soon as possible.

Fallout 4 Ammo codes:

Item nameFull code
.38 Roundplayer.additem 0004CE87
.44 Roundplayer.additem 0009221C
.50 Caliberplayer.additem 0001F279
5mm Roundplayer.additem 0001F66C
5.56 Roundplayer.additem 0001F278
10mm Roundplayer.additem 0001F276
Shotgun Shellplayer.additem 0001F673
Railway Spikeplayer.additem 000FE269
2mm Electromagnetic Cartridgeplayer.additem 0018ABDF
Plasma Cartridgeplayer.additem 0001DBB7
Cryo Cellplayer.additem 0018ABE2
Fusion Cellplayer.additem 000C1897
Flamer Fuelplayer.additem 000CAC78
Alien Blaster Roundplayer.additem 001025AA
Gamma Roundplayer.additem 000DF279
Cannonballplayer.additem 000FD11C
Missileplayer.additem 000CABA3
Mini Nukeplayer.additem 000E6B2E
.308 Roundplayer.additem 00245D53
.45 Roundplayer.additem 00245D6B
10mm Roundplayer.additem 00245D6A
Fusion Cellplayer.additem 00245D69
Shotgun Shellplayer.additem 00245D68

Fallout 4 Weapons Codes:

Item Name 
Minigunplayer.additem 0001F669
Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcherplayer.additem 000BD56F
Flamerplayer.additem 000E5881
Gatling Laserplayer.additem 000E27BC
Missile Launcherplayer.additem 0003F6F8
Power Fistplayer.additem 0011B336
Revolutionary Swordplayer.additem 00143AB5
Railway Rifleplayer.additem 000FE268
Submachine Gunplayer.additem 0015B043
Combat Shotgunplayer.additem 0014831C
Walking Caneplayer.additem 000FDC7D
Ripperplayer.additem 000FA2F6
Alien Blasterplayer.additem 000FF995
Assault Rifleplayer.additem 0000463F
Chinese Officer Swordplayer.additem 00147BE4
Combat Knife player.additem 000913CA
Combat Rifleplayer.additem 000DF42E
Cryolator player.additem 00171B2B
Gamma Gunplayer.additem 000DDB7C
LibertyPrime Laserplayer.additem 00110414
Laser Musketplayer.additem 0001DACF
Hunting Rifleplayer.additem 0005BBA4
Gauss Rifleplayer.additem 000D1EB0
Deathclaw Gauntletplayer.additem 000D8576
Syringerplayer.additem 0014D09E

Fallout 4 DLC Items Codes – Weapons:

Item NameFull codeReplace xx with
Assaultron bladexx008B8E01 or 02
Mr. Handy buzzsawxx0020F8 01 or 02
Salvaged assaultron headxx0100B7 01 or 02
Tesla riflexx003E0701 or 02

We almost added all the Fallout 4 Console Commands and Fallout 4 Cheats above. We suggest you to bookmark this page in your web browser for reference while playing the game.

If you know any other then please do let us know by commenting below in the comment section. We will Add those Fallout 4 Console Commands in the article for our other fellow gamers. Don’t forget to share the article on social media to help other Fallout 4 gamers.

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